(Dis)Orientation Guide

Seeking submissions for:


OSU 2017/2018

(Dis)Orientation Guide

What is a (Dis)Orientation Guide?

It’s a guide that supports students, staff, and faculty to re-orient themselves to the university. It will include historical and current social movement efforts at the university; and ways to find organizations, courses, resources, and spaces that support women, Indigenous, POC, queer and trans folks, nontraditional students, working class students, and others.

*Check out here for an example (dis)orientation guide from the University of Minnesota

What we are looking for:

  • Ideas for resources, histories of struggle on campus, and courses w/ a social justice focus
  • 200-300-word descriptions of organizations that seek to make space for marginalized people and ways of knowing on campus
  • 400-500-word essays that recount personal narratives of marginalization and resistance, campaigns for equity and social justice, and other writing/art that highlights the contributions of marginalized students, staff, and faculty on campus

Contact for more info or any questions:  okstateface@gmail.com